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Dr. Haley Simons

Performer, teacher, recording artist, non-profit founder, author, speaker, Certified Arbitrator, and Certified Life Coach.


Haley combines her talents and vast experience as a Success and Life Coach, and the creation of her Signature Coaching Program:

Your Creative Code ~ An 8-step Journey to an Extraordinary Life.

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My Story:
The Prodigal Creative

After 35 years as a performer, teacher, and arts advocacy leader, my life took a turn for the practical.

I left my 'creative world' in exchange for the stability and predictability of a corporate career - a necessary shift, I thought, for a single mom.


It felt as though fate sealed the deal after a car accident, which resulted in injuries not particularly conducive to a pianist, and a ten-year absence from virtually all creative pursuits.  The effects of this shift away from my artistic roots and my creative community were profound, and ultimately, destructive.  As a new player in a professional field renowned for its high and toxic stress levels, I witnessed first-hand the devastating impact on  the lives of my close friends and colleagues - some who tragically succumbed, paying the ultimate price. 

I was able to escape - I wish I could say it was my own courage and insight, but thankfully, fate stepped in. How could it not lead me to question: how did this happen, and how did we move so very far away from what surely must be a higher purpose in our lives?


In my search, I’ve reconnected with and returned to my passion, like a prodigal daughter: to help guide people toward their greatest potential through the vital, indispensable, and awesome power of creativity. 


I had experienced it throughout my teaching career; it never failed to amaze me the profound power the creative insights in these lessons made in the lives of my students. Each lesson became less about learning the divine nuance of a slow movement in a Mozart concerto, and more about personal discovery.


My students in turn taught me two key lessons: we all long to connect deeply to others, and – even more importantly – we all long to connect deeply to ourselves. And when our creative essence has been stifled, that longing can turn to stress, boredom, complacency, discontent, and dis-ease. As I help to nurture their creative capacity, they shift their focus and energies toward this improved sense of accomplishment, wellness, and self worth. 

Now, as a Master Life Coach, I get to guide my clients on this same journey to discovering the transformative power of their own unique, divine creative essence. I love to witness their lives turn into a symphony of delight, discovery, and joy; elevating people, and elevating lives. Relationships are deepened and success redefined, as we begin to connect on a heart level, unlocking our creativity and imagination.

And I'd love to join you on your journey to amor fati - for your most extraordinary life.


Are you a fellow Prodigal Creative?  Let's connect.

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